Fart This podcast

The most hilarious high-stakes game of fart sounds you’ll ever hear. Imagine if NPR’s Terry Gross talked about fart sounds with the same curiosity and intelligence as she would in an interview with Michael Caine. That’s Fart This

Each week, comedian and host Maddy Wager brings on a rotating cast of special guests to play a highly competitive game of improvised scenarios and toot sounds. It's like Apples to Apples, except with farts.

Guests include: Cast members of TBS' Wrecked (George Basil, Asif Ali, Jessica Lowe, Will Greenberg), Writers and Voices of Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls (Natalie Palamides, Haley Mancini, Jake Goldman), Jordan Morris (@midnight), Jessica McKenna (Party Over Here, Comedy Bang Bang), & more!

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