Madeline Wager

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Madeline Wager is a comedian, writer, voice over artist, and goofball in Los Angeles. She can be seen performing sketch comedy and original characters at UCB, iOWest, Second City and other comedy venues in LA. Maddy is the host and creator of FART THIS, a podcast where a rotating cast of comedians play a game with improvised scenarios and fake toots. She also films FART THIS as a "woman on the streets" segment where she gets strangers to play! Maddy has guested as Bjork on UCB’s Sports & Leisure podcast with Matt Walsh and Scot Armstrong, co-hosted a NPR parody podcast (You’re Welcome World News) at FeralAudio, and has been in a handful of national commercials. Maddy also performs and directs with non-profit, The Story Pirates, a group of comedians who perform stories written by kids.